Saturday, 28 February 2009

Pimp My Chook

Been busy in the garden again this morning, it really isn't as warm as it looks! Lovely bright day, although it has become rather ominous now, but not spring like today!

So I'm busy taking product photos for the website and the Chickadees are helping, well sorting really, earth moving to be more precise. But anyway, there I am getting cold hands and trying to operate small fiddly buttons on the camera when I spy across the garden Gladys strutting along, sporting a go faster stripe!

Obviously my first instict was to have a look around to see where I had left the white paint, but then I realised that apart from the fact that I have not been painting recently, there would be a vast amount more mess if the feathered ones had gotten hold of a paint pot! Mind you, I'm having a thought - if a shed door can make it into an art gallery, surely a master piece by a trio of Chickadees would be worth a try? Hmmmm.....

But on closer inspection it would appear that Gladys has infact grown herself a bright white feather in amongst the usual brown ones on her left wing. She would not oblige with an outstretched wing view but she did stand on one leg for us.

Off to see if any of them have tried to grow a fat exhaust or shiney hub caps, they'll probably be propped up on bricks, just waiting for some corn!

Take care all

Sarah x

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