Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowy Monday and invisible sheep

Busy times! Cannot quite believe it is Monday afternoon already. We had a fab dinner at the local pub on Saturday night, great food and company. Have now finished the workroom and even had time to change the bedroom around a bit too! So now we all have much more space everywhere! I am sure it wont be long before we have filled it all up again!

I am fortunate enough not to have to go out in the snow today, other than walking the dog. He loves the snow, acts like a puppy first thing in the morning when he sees the new snow. Unfortunately the chooks are not so impressed and had to be lifted out of their house this morning. They refuse to walk on anything white even after I have raked the ground to make it look normal and swept up the snow where I can. I am fully expecting to have to air lift them back into their house for bed tonight too!
Still looking for the sheep? I promise you they are there!

Take care and be safe x

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