Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Mirrors and chainsaws

Right. I am going to write this now as tomorrow I may not be able to move my arms! Don't worry, I am not ill or anything serious - I have just been to a body combat workout class! Oh my, I am laughing now at what I must have looked like, well actually I know that because for reasons best known to themselves (apparently to help you with your posture etc) they insist of putting floor to ceiling mirrors in the dance studio. I have absolutely no desire to see myself wobble, sweat and get progressivly redder during the class.
I did think I was doing reasonably well until the move which the instuctor called cracking the whip that succeeded in sending me into a fit of the giggles (on my own with no comrades in the class, oops) this just reminded me of the exact action involved in starting up our reluctant chain saw!

Am planning on soothing my aching body with some sewing for the rest of the day. Rest assured I shall be continuing toning up the abdominals with regular giggle attacks as I think on that one hour infront of those mirrors!

Take care all
Sarah x

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