Thursday, 12 February 2009

Machines need love too

Evening All x

Don't have a vast amount to say for myself today, it happens sometimes! Been back at Maggies (Sunflower Fabrics getting my fabric fix and am now all keen to get back to sewing things! Apparently I should have changed the needle in the sewing machine quite some time ago - this could explain the strained noise it has been making recently. I just assumed it was going through the January blues, hmmm, but I suppose it is a machine so doesn't have the capacity for feelings, hell no, of course it has feelings! But all the same I shall treat it to a new sharp pointy needle and some oil and we will see how we go, call it a trip to the beauty parlour! Why do I keep saying words I have never used before today (meaning parlour, eh?)?

Here's todays koala

I am loving these! Hope you are too.

Off to see if in fact you can play table tennis with an iron.............

Take care and be safe

Sarah x

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