Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Too-in and Fro-in

Going this way and

that way!

Been an odd time of late in my little world, lots going on in my head which has rather stunted all other activity!  Hence the lack of blogging recently.  Strangly though, I do still have plenty to catch you up on, nothing major but just stuff!

The birds have flown now.  The two surviving Blue Tits took off a couple of weeks ago on a delightfully sunny afternoon.  It was so wonderful to watch them fly off in to the big tree at the bottom of the garden where they busied themselves for a few hours getting used to the big new world!  It was the same tree which they were born in, well where the nest box was but I don't expect they knew that!
Haven't seen either one of them since that afternoon!  I do keep and ear out for the little blue tit call and maybe one day I'll get to see them out and about.  They will be easily recognisable as one of them only stood on its right leg, the other only stood on it's left one!!  They could still use the other legs but just didn't seem to want to!

Anyway, I better go and find food, nothing changes really!
Take care all
Sarah xx