Friday, 27 February 2009

Spiced Mug Mats

Have been adding the new range of Spiced Mug Mats onto the Land Cuckoo website ( this week so thought I had better let you have a look too! This fabric collection is so cheery with its big bright sunflowers it brightens my day just sewing with it.

It has been quite a bit harder than I thought it would be to transfer my products to be viewed by pictures only. When you see something 'in the flesh' you naturally use all your senses at the same time but being restricted to a 2 dimensional screen, no aromas or the ability to be able to pick up and feel means that I have to be able to describe the missing links. That is testing! Having flash backs to school english lessons, eeugh! (obviously I would be marked down for that sort of descriptive language!)

Off to test an email thingumy I want to do now and then I can finish my quilt - yes I am nearly there, eager to get onto the next project now!

Take care all, Sarah x

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