Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Website catchup

Think I'm all photographed out today. Have been making the most of the light to get some pictures on my website.
My new lavender / linen water bottles which I am very happy with, think they look rather cute with their little gingham ribbons on, and the contents smell lovely too!
Think the bunting has been the most challenging to photograph.
Trying to get as much as possible in shot whilst not losing the colours and fabric designs, hmmmmm not easy, well not for me anyway!
Button clocks! Seemed like an obvious thing to make to me.
One of my new smaller chalk boards, this one has a reproduction vintage advertisement on it.
And speaking of apples............'s hoping that this year's crop will not get eaten before it has ripened!
There is a lot more blossom on the eating apples tree compared to last year, so I am hoping that as it will be the second year for the tree it will be a bumper crop. Will be making a netted cover for both trees mind you!

These painted hearts are new to the website too.

As are my new coloured bottles for the room fragrances. I have spent ages trying to make the labels stand out with the different fragrances, which is not easy when my printer is one of those thermal ones which only prints in black! Problem solved via a brainwave one day - use different coloured bottles - 'seemples' as the meercats say!

Well I guess I had better go and find some dinner now, just spotted the time!
Take care all
Sarah x

Monday, 26 April 2010

Blooming Great

Being out and about in the sunshine has been wonderful this past week. So nice not to have to be rugged up against the cold with copious layers of clothing on!
All the flowers in the hedgerow are bursting into bloom
And there is a carpet of gold through the woodland walk
I even noticed how pretty the dandylions were looking , makes a change from picking them out of the lawn!

Have you got the time please?

George had a lovely birthday on Friday, he enjoyed his chewy bone treat thingumy so much that even though he was tired of chewing he was not about to let it out of his sight!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine, take care
Sarah x

Friday, 23 April 2010

It's all red and white (nearly)

Happy St George's Day!

I've hung out the bunting

Hung out the flags - well sort of, these are Linda Boy's glass coasters, but not the full original set because she had sold them by the time I took the picture!

We've got the beautiful weather here

Cream tea? Or maybe just a cup of tea.

And it's somebody's birthday today too

As George was a rescue dog, we didn't know when his actual birthday was but thought that as he already had his name St George's day seemed like a good day for a doggy birthday!

So a good long walk in the sunshine is about to commence to be followed with a lovely big bone.

Hope you all have a lovely day, whatever you are doing and wherever you are, take care
Sarah x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Big Blue

Isn't this weather just glorious?
I'm going to do the very British thing and talk about the weather aren't I! And then I may just need to pass comment on the current situation with air travel, or rather lack of it. I hope that those who have friends and family stuck in places far afield are all ok and being well looked after.

There was no air travel involved in the taking of this picture from the weekend.
Nor this one, although it may be a little clearer as to where I was when I took them.

The colours are getting more grey as I was looking towards the sun but it was just too nice not to look!

These were taken on the beach at Caister, overlooking the wind farm out at sea. It is a fabulous stretch of beach with so much space to run and play, if that is your thing!
Can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning than walking into the sunshine along the water's edge throwing the frisby for George.
He is getting much braver with the sea now and will even wander over to have a closer look at the waves all by himself, although he has absolutely no intentions of putting a paw in the water, mind you it is the North Sea, who can blame him!
It even smelt lovely too, you know how the sea can do sometimes?
Take care all, safe travels for those who are en-route somewhere
Sarah x

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Big Catch Up

Sometimes, time just runs away without you doesn't it? Whilst I feel like I have been so busy recently, I not sure what it is that I have been busy doing! Probably more like a bit of re-grouping time after working so hard in the run up to the Spring Fair. Time to put things away and catch up on paperwork mountain and a spot of spring cleaning.

In amongst all that there was time for an Easter egg hunt.

Well the chook house does seem like a logical place to start looking for eggs!

Nothing inside the shed - I'm not really sure what is inside that shed!

They searched all around, hotter, colder, no not there either.

George was not about to let on where they had been hidden.

He just thought it most odd that the humans couldn't find things, now if it were a ball then he wouldn't have forgotten where he had put it.

There was even chocolate hiding inside the house too.

Now how many of you still have easter eggs and chocolate left? I know I haven't, it didn't last long at all!

I'm off to crack on with paperwork mountain again, doesn't seem that long since I did it before, daren't take a picture of this one this time though, it is rather large!

Take care all

Sarah xx

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Frustrating computers!

Still no computer working in my workshop so I am stuck on the one with the keyboard that does it's own thing no matter which keys you hit and in what order

Photos are also rather thin on the ground as I don't have the image program on this computer nor do I have the time or the inclination to figure out how to resize them for display on my blog! I do hope to be back to normal, what ever that may be, very soon just as soon as I can get the internet back in my workshop.

It was lovely waking up to proper sunshine again this morning, although there was a frost but so nice to be heading off with the dog with sunglasses on - that is me wearing the sunnies not the dog.

Got a day of tidying up today, finishing off jobs and getting all sorted and ready to make the next collection of goodies for sale.

Hope you are all ok and still enjoying those Easter choccies!
Take care
Sarah x

Friday, 2 April 2010

Spring Fair pictures

Finally, I have got photographs, computer and internet access all in the same place at the same time!

So I can take you on a tour of our stand at the Country Living Spring Fair.

We had bolts of Liberty fabrics lining the shelves

Delicately scented lavender water, which looks rather luminous because the flash went off!

Pretty springtime flowers and painted pegs

Button clocks, little egg cosies and quilted bags

Painted wooden hearts, cut out by hand (by Hubby!) and painted in delightful spring colours.

Handtied bunches of lavender from Hitchin Lavender

Packs of Liberty fabrics, cotton lawn and vintage fabric bunting made by Maggie from Sunflower Fabrics with pretty glass bottles of room fragrance.

Beautiful quilts on display and for sale with patterns and fabrics for you to make your own.

Fabric memo boards and chalk boards for those of us that need a little reminder hanging on the wall!

Liberty bunting and Rouenneries quilt

Painted eggs and treasure hunt games.
That is just a snippet of our stand, there were so many goodies sneaked in amongst the Eastery colours and flowers. We had a great time at the Fair and look forward to going again. Hope those of you that visited had a good day, I'm off to carry on unpacking!
Take care all and have a lovely Easter weekend.
Sarah x