Saturday, 31 January 2009


OK so I haven't decorated the workroom but I have set about re-organising the furniture so that it creates a better work space! Much to the amusement and bewilderment of others, I am incapable of working if I have decided that there could be a better way to store things! Just a few more bits to be put back and that will be done and I can get on and create with my new fabrics.

Got the lovely fabrics at Maggies (Sunflower Fabrics), she is always so inspiring and I am just itching to get on with sewing having spent just a short time with her this week.

Found these bulbs emerging in the flower bed when clearing out the weeds, have no idea what they will be as I cant remember what was there last year and have no recollection of planting anything!

Off to put the finishing touches to the new room and then out for dinner at the local this evening.

Sarah x

Friday, 30 January 2009

Sunshine and spring cleaning

A beautiful day! Sunshine, real bright sunshine, makes it a pleasure to be outside again. Chooks had a spring clean and vast quantities of laundry has been done!

Have been getting the year organised, trying to decide which events to attend. Do I do the same as last year or try some new places? Who knows with the change in spending habbits over the past year. It seems I have opted for a mixture of both tried and tested and new territory!

Not feeling like decorating now that the sun is shining, if it lasts then the workroom will continue to be a hive of activity! Please no more dark and dank days!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

What a lovely day

Well today has been such a blast! I have had just the best time with my friend Debs. Much tea, biscuits, laughter and a good natter, you can't really get a better combination! Probably not what the neighbours thought if they saw me trundle out the car with a rather large bottle of vodka and a bruised nose! But that is a completely different story........

Had the heavy wellies on this morning with all the rain, really can't walk far in them, and certainly have no wish to know how silly I may look waddling up the lane. Does give me free license to splosh through all the puddles which I recommend we all try from time to time.

Although puddles are fun I am rather hoping the wet stuff eases up a little as the brook at the bottom of the lane is looking rather full.

Keep safe, til tomorrow
Sarah x

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Its all new

Well this is new! After much deliberation I have decided to just get on with it and I can figure out how on earth to write a blog as I go!

Our house is back to being a house now after the charity swap and shop we hosted here at the weekend. It went very well and most people went home with new goodies having left their unwanted ones behind for someone else, and we raised over £100 for the village Goodwill Fund. So now I am thinking maybe this can be an annual event........

Had a great walk with George across the cow field (which currently has sheep in it), think this would be a good shot for a spot the ball competition! Could try to spot the sheep as well as they seem to have donned their camouflage.

So now I am off to figure out how to paint my workroom without having to remove any of the stuff that is in there! Not at all how I would usually do things but I just cannot even begin to think where I would put everything - so much has accumulated over the past year! I have the spring cleaning and clear out, decluttering bug now, oh dear nothing will be safe!
But first a cup of tea.
Sarah x