Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bush Fire Appeal

Please visit the Etsy shop which has been set up by an Etsy member to help raise funds for those affected by the horrendous fires raging in Australia. All the items available to purchase have been donated by different members of Etsy and will be shipped free of charge worldwide.

I know we are a long way away over here in Blighty but just one little action over here may well make a big difference over there.

I have been sent some more pictures of the hot koalas by the lovely Shireen over in Perth, so I plan to put one on here each day, they are just too cute to see all at once!

Here is todays bear cooling off:

On the home front, I can tell you that the lemonade was a success! Loads of it! We even had blue sky and sunshine for a while here this morning, so I imagined it was a glorious summers day whilst I had my glass.

Take care of yourselves and don't forget to check out Many thanks in advance, Sarah x

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  1. I was thinking of your lemonade while I was melting here in the Perth heat of 40 degrees yesterday. Overnight is so hot too with minimum tempretures of 24 degrees. Not good for sleeping.
    But I am thankful that I have my own home and bed to sleep in, not an army tent on a football oval with hundreds of families who've lost everything they own and have worked so hard for like those in Victoria.


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