Monday, 23 February 2009

Arms of jelly

Please excuse any typos in todays blog due to the above mentioned jelly arms, just been swimming and I have to admit that one bowl of coco pops does not give you enough energy to do however many lengths I just did! Thats another thing - how the hec do you keep count of the lengths you have swum? My friend used to move one bangle from her left arm to right arm at the end of each lap and then back again if we were there long enough, genius, but she wasn't there today and I cannot keep count in my head, too many things pop into my mind as I am going. Not least 'remember to breathe when head is OUT of the water' and 'do not start a conversation before you have reached the end as you will take on board more water'. And another thing - I am truely amazed at how some people can swim up and down whilst holding a conversation and not get their hair wet! How does that happen, really, I am too puffed to talk (OK so maybe I need more practice) but dry hair? Never going to happen.

So now I am resisting the urge to raid the biscuit cow (its where the good biccies are kept) and am trying to hang on til lunch time. Made a good soup yesterday with random veggies that we had left before we go off and raid the farm shop later. Still doing ok with our restricted budget for food so far this month (even including the 4 currys!).

Now the chooks have started laying again we wont have to include the eggs in the budget! Vera has joined Gladys in laying now. Her egg is the little one, she does lay the most beautiful patterned eggs, I guess they match her markings/feathers as hers are much more striking that the others.

Think the sheep may have finally had enough of the cow field. Saw them this morning all penned up ready to go off somewhere, I really don't want to know where, just in case, so I believe that they are off to escape from another field around the village. I did think that they had all got out and make themselves at home in the cemetary at first when I saw them, but soon realised that even the black faced sheep were in there and that wouldn't have happened if left to their own devices!

Lovely Hubby bought some flowers home for me last week and they are just coming out beautifully now, very striking perfectly white tulips, georgeous!

I can wait no longer, off to raid the larder for lunch now. Before I forget there is one more hot koala picture left. Possibly my favourite, but they are all so lovely. I know they were coming out of their usual habitat because they were so hot and thirsty but it has been great to see these animals that are normally so hard to see in the wild, at least they were when I was looking for them on my travels. I hope that all the charities in Australia continue to recieve enough money to help restore the wildlife affected by all the bush fires too.

Take care all, til tomorrow x


  1. Hello.

    good post. Now I 100% understand where you are coming from with the swimming counting thing.

    Back when I used to swim alot, before james and iona, I had a tachnique for counting.

    I would count the length every stroke. 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 2 and 2 and 2. This usually got to 4. Then I would drift off thinking about life the universe and everything. But this is when I knew i was really swimming....

    If you can swim and talk and not get your hair wet, well you are not really swimming.

    I did a little research on goggles. I founf this which was of some inspiration.

    BBC Article

    Anyhow keep it up. And when are your Key holders going to be on the site I would like to buy one.


  2. p.s. is that a koala or an Ewok?


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