Tuesday, 21 December 2010

It's cold outside

But inside it is roasting!
Guess who left the heater on overnight in the workshop?
You know what it is like when you go on holiday to sunnier climes and you step out of the plane into a wall of heat which we are so unused to in Blighty - well that is just what I walked into in here this morning!
Oops, I did try to just manage but had to open the window in the end as it was just too hot to work!  How criminal is that?  Opening a window and letting all that lovely lovely warmth out, mind you I think the tree above the workshop has now lost most of its snow on the branches and there seems to be a lot of birds on the roof, most likely having a little rest on their new found heated floor!

Most of the Christmas decorations are now up, seems to have taken me a while to get the house into some semblence of 'normality' after the markets and events over the past few weeks.
So here are the pics of the decor so far:

We have to have two trees in our house as both Hubby and I already had one each before we got together and we both think ours is the best!!  This is the thinner of the two so it goes in the snug and dining room so we can still walk past it!  Saying that, there will be quite a bare gap at the bottom by the time it is put away in January where George has wagged his way past and Missy has chased her catnip mouse underneath! 
This year I decorated without using tinsel as apparently it is the way to do it this year!  Still threw everything else at it mind you.  This little mouse has been on my Christmas tree for more years than I can remember, it came from home, don't know what my Mum has in it's place now!  The long legged angel was a present from my Auntie last year.

A ceramic tree made by another crafter and a woven heart from my Mum

Another pressie from my Mum, I like having gifts to hang on the tree, lots of nice memories to see.

This one was made by my Cousin in Australia

I bought this one for Hubby a few years ago, we had polar bears on our wedding cake!

Missy's stocking

Hubby's knitted Santa from his childhood and a cute little knitted mouse I bought from another fellow crafter who I had a stand next to last year.

The basket has 24 advent pressies which I put together for Hubby, feel like I have been buying presents for months!!  Just hope I remembered to get him one to open on Christmas Day!

And this is the other tree in the Man Cave.  This year I went for silver and blue and lots and lots of sparkles! 

I know the snow is a pain for so many of people who are trying to get home or away at this time but it does look so very festive and has been included in this years decorations in the Land of Cuckoo.

I treated us to some outside lights seems as we have a tree which has grown into the perfect Christmas tree shape just outside our window.

It looked so pretty when the snow was coming down, glowing through the overladen branches.

I hope you are all in the right places you need to be, keeping warm and on track for your present shopping etc!
Take care
Sarah x

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

And there's more

Ok so it is hardly the next day but here are the next frosty pictures!
It beats the scene this morning which is just grey and muddy with a nice helping of rain thrown in!

The ivy under the trees with it's dusting of frost, gleaming like jewels with the sun behind the leaves

Another picture of  St Peters church at the top of the lane

I'm a little obsessed with big sky!  Just find it amazing how some days it appears so much more imposing than others.  Admitedly today it is so misty and bleak that you can't tell if there is any sky up there at all!

I am pleased the blue of the sky has come out in the pictures, it was so vivid 

The frost appears to have been travelling in one particular direction as all the leaves and twigs were covered on one side only 

The poplar trees behind the foreground were shining bright against the sky, not quite come out in the picture.  I am so lucky as this is the view at the bottom of my garden.  A couple of days ago there was a heron on the fence as there is a natural pond between the trees, a pretty magnificent bird to see.

I'm a little closer to getting the house decorated, the boxes are all out of the loft, hope to get on to the fun stuff later today.
Take care all, hope you are all keeping well and warm
Til next time
Sarah x

Monday, 13 December 2010

About time

About time I got these pictures of the frosty morning we had last week.  Actually this frost lasted a few days as the temperatures never rose enough to lose the white covering we found ourselves under.

The track that George and I usually take in the mornings, beware of very icy puddles that lurk under the snow (when we have some) as they don't half make you jump once you have regained your balance from the rather ungainly skid! 
Our church at the top of the lane beautifully lit by the winter sun.

The red berries of the rosehips, like little rubies in the hedgerow

The frosted grasses along the edge of the brook

This is the wire on the chook run after Jack Frost has been at work

I guess that because it was a freezing fog during the night that would explain why there was even frost under the trees

George just demonstrating that he apparently feels no cold!

Only one more market to go til Christmas!  Will be able to turn my attention to my own home this week and start to tidy up and decorate for Christmas.  Looking forward to getting all the decorations out the loft, such a great box of memories.  I try to buy just a couple of special new decorations each year to add to the collection, each with their own story.

Take care all, til next time
Sarah xx

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Handmade at Home

Last weekend was the second installment of Handmade at Home.
This year I held the event on two different dates as the general concensus from last year was that an earlier date would be good for those who are super organised with their Christmas shopping!
So these are the pictures from October.

The dining room was filled with tables laden with goodies

Linda had a lovely collection of beautiful glass decorations

The Deckchair collection of plates and coasters, squashed bottles and jewellery

Pushpa's beautiful paintings and cards were a big hit.  Have a look at her website for more pictures of her work.

She also paints cats, using her own cat as a model in the picture on the left.

This is no model though - Missy found the catnip and made herself at home!
Ruth's bags added a delightful splash of colour along with her gorgeous quilts which I sadly did not get a photograph of.

For some it was just too much and a siesta had to be had!

And then it was December!
Sheena's jewellery, my favourite colours green and pink together 

And blues and purples and sparkes!

Sue from Rustic Wreaths brought a delightful collection of wreaths and natural decorations which made my house look so beautiful and festive I was quite loathed to sell them! 

The flash went off on this photo but it has shown up the sparkly berries brilliantly.

So this is how I am going to have to decorate my fireplace now!
I could have taken a lot more pictures on both Handmade events but was busy with customers which is the best distraction possible!
Not many markets and events now before the big day, so I am just finishing up making Christmas stock and finalising orders.
Hope you are all keeping well and warm.
Take care
Sarah x

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Shhhhh we're in the library

Nope, still don't know how all you busy folk out there manage to be busy and blog!

I suspect I need to get that time management book back out of the library, but I just wouldn't have the time to read it at present!

Last weekend I was over at Wrest Park for the Christmas Craft Fair.  Fortunately we were inside the house.  The weather did keep people away on the Saturday but they all came out on Sunday instead!

This is my version of a virtual tour for you!

This was my view infront of me (we were in the library)

The window and view down the formal gardens (behind me)

the ceiling above me

To the right..........
......... forgot to take one to the left!

And a little light reading!  Was struggling all weekend against the need to turn round the two books that had been put on the shelf upside down!  All manner of alarms would have gone off if I had so much as breathed on them!  I was rather alarmed myself when the flash went off on my camera as I don't think flash photography is something that is 'done' in places like this!!!

No decent pictures of my stand as the sun was so bright behind that I didn't get a good picture other than one for my own records just to remember what can fit where!

Hope you are all keeping warm in these wintry days, am going to find some more hours in the day now.

Take care all
Sarah x

Friday, 19 November 2010


November, are you sure?  I didn't feel like it was this morning!  Out with George and I was steaming hot, spring like weather it was.
This is a very atmospheric shot I took to show the correct berries on the hedgerow (confirming that it is actually November) with the glorious blue sky and sunshine in the background with a little George running back to me.  I say atmospheric, I mean blurred due to the camera lens being smeary!

Once camera is cleaned then we can get a much better picture.  Long shadows - must be the winter sun!

This afternoon I was over at Wimpole Hall setting up for this weekend's craft fair there.  Still not finished so have to go back earlier than I wanted to in the morning.  When I came out of the marquee to get a few more bits from the truck the mist was just starting to roll in across the fields and it looked magical.  I only wish I had the time to walk around to see the house itself if the mist.

Here's my truck outside the stable block with the moon behind it.  Could get used to seeing my vehicle outside a nice big place!  I'm off to Wrest Park again next weekend so no doubt I'll be getting ideas above my station again with spending a weekend inside a stately home!!

Must go and make a few more bits before I let myself go and have dinner, will be sewing very very quickly coz I'm very very hungry!!

Take care all and have a great weekend
Sarah xx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Down on the farm

Starting at the end of the day, this was the magnificent sunset we had on Saturday evening whilst at Standalone Farm in Letchworth.
The sky was full of a golden glow, it was beautiful.

We were in our usual place in the cow shed, which actually usually houses the sheep!

I was really pleased with how my new Christmas signs looked with my mug mats and room fragrances, all the colours just worked very well together. 

As for our neighbours, next door were these three lovely goats.  Don't tell my hubby, but I'd quite like a goat or two, fortunately we don't have room in our garden though!

Just getting a closer look to see if my jumper was worth eating!

And on the other side, a pair of docile cows who were more than happy to come to the gate for a scratch on the head.
All in all it was a lovely weekend, lots of people and good sales and lots of fun for everyone saying goodnight to the animals for the winter rest.

I'm going to get back to work now, getting stock ready for this weekend at Wimpole Hall.
Take care all
Sarah x