Friday, 20 February 2009

Four currys and a cold

I had the most fabulous idea this morning whilst catching up on the washing up, lets go to Devon. Well I could make it work, nothing I like more than being completely random and going and doing something as soon as I have thought of it. Right now I could have had us all packed up in the car and off down the A1, Missy booked in to the 5* hotel, aka my parents and George asleep on the back seat. But the thing is I have a husband. That should not be the end of the sentence should it! What I mean is that I have someone who is very sensible and level headed, which is almost definately what I need, but not necessarily what I want! At least not today. It makes sense to stay and work (for me) and make the garden better/tidy (for him) but I just want to not be here for a bit. I have no particular reason to not want to be here so cannot make a vaild argument for my case other than the spoilt only child one of 'but I want to!' spoken in a rather whiny and whinging voice whilst skulking off to my room.

I am going to put this one down to the fact that I obviously feel better than I have done all week and am rebelling against the cabin fever from being stuck in the house of poorlyness this week and prior to that the 'I don't actually need to go out so I wont be silly and drive in the snow unnecessarily' stuck in the houseness.

Just realised I have had curry four times this week, is that a lot? Two in one day is possibly a little excessive but I did that too! Oh well, I'll get my veggies off the market tomorrow and juice myself silly for a few days.

Found Missy had tucked herself away in a different spot today, this is her spot in the evenings when the fire is on, must be a sign that it is warming up. Still not as hot as the koalas are though. The Bushfire Appeal shop on the Etsy website is going fantastically well (find it at they have raised over $13000 Australian dollars. Just had to retype that as I initially read it as $1300, that really is a huge effort from the Etsy community.

Off to get busy now, take care all

Sarah x

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