Friday, 20 March 2015

Magic photos and boxes of sunshine.

This morning I popped into Marwood Hill Gardens as I had read that it was apparently possible to view the eclipse safely on water.  Not sure that I would agree with that as it felt way too bright to do so, I stuck to the pin hole camera instead but did have a lovely walk around in the peace and quiet, taking photos.  The ducks and geese on the lake were pottering about, not sure whether they should be up and about or going back to bed!

George as usual was watching the fish.  Not at all sure what he makes of them but he can spend hours simply staring into the water and knows exactly which way to go to get to the lake.

One of the photos I took was of the statue of Dr Smart, the founder of the gardens and afterwards I noticed that there was an image of the sun in front of the statue.  A clever trick with the sunlight, camera and the water running infront most likely although I have no idea how it worked but this was the only place I could get this to happen (I tried in various other places once I discovered it!).
I was very impressed with my pin hole camera, made it very simply following some online instructions and it worked a treat!
This is the image shining onto the screen of the pinhole camera box

And this is the viewing aperture of the box camera, I am easily amused with simple things!
Right now, in the usual fashion, I have to go and find some food!  Been up at the workshop most of the rest of the day, am pretty sure I have caught the sun, face is feeling a little pink!
Take care all, til next time xx