Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Back home

I am here, of sorts! Have some pictures of the fair but they are stuck on the other computer which is refusing to play again.

For the time being I am happily visiting friends in blogland and catching up and hope to get back to blogging with pictures myself very soon!

Take care all
Sarah x

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

All the fun of the fair

Just finalising things in preparation for the Country Living Spring Fair which starts tomorrow in London.

We spent yesterday setting up our stand and getting all the stock into place!

I am sharing a stand with Maggie from Sunflower Fabrics surrounded by her fabulous fabrics and beautiful quilts and wall hangings.

Even during set up you could see all the delights that will be on show from all the other exhibitors, it is huge! There will be so much to chose from, I am quite sure that even in the five days which we shall be there, we wont get to see the half of it!

Will most definately be having a lovely glass of wine on Sunday evening!
Take care all, see you at the Fair if you are coming along
Sarah x

Monday, 15 March 2010

Still Here

Evening all.

Still here, different room, different computer, different keyboard with all the letters seemingly in different places making typing the right letters in the right order so much harder than usual!

Having connections troubles at the bottom of the garden where I am happily beavering away which is possibly a good thiing as it limits the distractions! Just the radio, dog, cat, chickens, hubby, laundry, gardening, cleaning, shopping, telephone calls, deliveries, cups of tea and pencil sharpening to distract me now!

Apparently today was National Almost day, according to Mr Evans this morning, well I have almost finished the jobs I started when I was listening to the aforementioned! I have almost made myself my dinner (at 9.40pm it is probably a little late to have that now but I'm hungry) and I have almost got all my marbles, still. Ok so the last one is incorrect, they have clearly gone for now!

Well I am off, take care, til the next time
Sarah x

Thursday, 11 March 2010


So Bill Gates isn't the richest anymore, I guess that means I have been bumped down the list as well, ho hum, never mind.

This is a picture of Cleo and Kitty relaxing in their new Vintage Cat Bed. They are going to be the first in the Cat-a-logue which you will be able to find on the side of my blog here - a collection of pictures of cats with their Land Cuckoo goodies.

Well I am now back inside after sorting out some lavender bunches in the garden in the sunshine, just that the sun is not shining anymore and it has gone rather cold and my hands have siezed up so trying to get them working again my typing!

Needing tea now to assist with the warming up process,

Take care all

Sarah x

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sneaky Preview

Morning All
I'm pleased to say that re-setting the day worked! A good thing to remember that if you get to 5 or 6pm and things aren't going well, put the breakfast show on the i-player and start again - I had a very productive 3 hours once I did that!
Just thought I'd give you a sneaky preview of some new bits and pieces I have been making.
Some new chalkboards, handpainted by me with many many coats of paint (thank goodness for a few days of sunshine to dry them in the garden), decorated with fabric and hungwith sisal rope.

These are just the quickly taken pics I did last night, I'm aiming to get some better ones in the light today to get up on my website. Can't tell you how much I wanted a cupcake after drawing these and cutting them out!
And at last the eggs! Finishing drying from their last coat of varnish.
I only want chocolate eggs now!
Lastly a note to oneself - do not sit on the spinny round chair and read whilst spinning around and around because it WILL make you feel sick.
Take care all,
Sarah x

Monday, 8 March 2010

Good Morning

Morning Everyone!

If you look at the time of this post you'll notice that it is actually evening now as I type. I am officially rewinding the day back to this morning. So far I have been so unsuccessful in my completion of various tasks that I am taking things right back to the beginning and starting again.

So as I listen to Chris Evans and the breakfast show on the i-player it is currently about 7.30am in my world and I am off to a good early start.

Firstly I shall be doing a spot of sewing then I'll finish off some varnishing and then I'll probably go indoors for my tea!

So I do hope you all have a good day too, til tomorrow
Sarah x

Friday, 5 March 2010

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day it has been today here in Land Cuckoo!
Found a cluster of snowdrops in the woods this morning when out with George
I did have to wade through a couple of puddles to get there, as if just to remind me that it is not summertime yet!

In fact the sun is so bright on the pictures the snowdrops aren't so easy to see as they were in real life!
Managed to lose another ball in the brook too this morning, then found it again. Had to wait for the sediment to settle from the first attempt at fishing it out so we, sorry I (George doesn't have a nose for finding balls in water) could see the flash of yellow at the bottom of the brook and fish it back out again, whilst hanging onto the bank of frosty grass hoping not to fall in as the water is most definately deeper than my wellies at present!
Once safely home I thought I'd get some more paint on the chalk boards and get them drying outside in the sunshine
I'm rather hoping for another day of the same tomorrow as they have dried lovely on the camping picnic table and various tables and chairs around the garden.
Amazingly none of the animals have taken it upon themselves to investigate, I did rather think that I may have found feathers or fur strategically left in the wet paint!
Apparently my chickens don't like apple peel!
Must go and paint more eggs
Take care
Sarah x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Don't put all your eggs in one bag

Woohoo, back again! Intermittent internet equals intermittent posts but today it all seems to be ok so quick catch up.

It has been a hive of activity here in the workshop making lots of bits and pieces.
A pretty collection of patchwork bags, I have so enjoyed making these but do think it would be wise to make other things as well!
My little teracotta army has changed colour and is awaiting their next coat of paint.
Talking of eggs, we had our first egg of the year this morning, at last! It seems like ages since our hens laid any eggs even though they don't lay over the winter and it has been rather cold this year after all.
Well I must get back to the painting, take care all
Sarah x