Saturday, 14 February 2009

Pretty boats for dinner

Time just got away without me yesterday, never got near the computer to post on the blog at all.

Now I must say a big thank you to Becky who kindly let me nose through her new book last weekend with the end result being that I came home and immediately ordered my own copy. Did try to sneak out with hers but she was too quick! The book in question is Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food and it is brill! It is written so that any recipe challenged kind of a person can read and understand what to do! Don't you just hate it when some recipes just assume that you know to do any number of instructions without telling you?

So I did cook a curry last night with veggie bargies (ok so I know that must be wrong spelling, I now have an image of pretty miniature narrow boats arranged on the plate) and my own mint sauce! Would have taken a picture of the feast but seems as I managed to dish up a whole hour later than planned we just ate it!

Saturday's Bear!

Off to tidy up the house, it has been a little neglected this past week.

Take care all, Sarah x

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