Thursday, 26 February 2009

My band of happy helpers

Just been out in the garden taking the photos for the new mug mats that are ready to go onto the website and I was joined by a quintet of feathered and furry friends. I am not including the rather chatty crow who watched from nextdoors tree whilst gabbling crow speak at us the whole time!

Firstly we have the georgeous George who isn't really interested in photography or mug mats but would rather like to play with something he has found in the garden.

Here he stayed right next to me, only just out of camera shot with the occasional nudge just to see if I was ready to play yet.

The chooks were not really interested in taking part in anything work related once they had found that the corner by the compost bin was looking like a good place for some grubs today. So all we see of them is their fluffy bottom side inbetween feet fulls of dirt being hoofed onto the grass.

And then Missy, who decided that she would observe from afar and took her seat on the old table. This look that she is wearing is the one which means 'I have no idea what any of you are doing and don't much care to join in as it all looks rather too much like hard work - taking photos, playing or kicking up dirt, not really for me thanks all the same'

So the photos are done, just in time as it is now starting to rain. Will be getting them all onto the website ( next if you wanted to have a look. After that I have to figure out how to be in 2 places at the same time or at the very least, how to be at one before I have left the other, oops, I either need a very good plan or a Dr Who moment!

Take care all

Sarah x

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  1. Gorgeous George and lovely Missy look like brilliant little helpers/observers in the garden. Glad you got your photos done before the rain. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment.

    Sue xx


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