Saturday, 1 July 2017

Robins on the doorstep

This is the view from my back door each time I return home or even just walk into the kitchen.
You may not be able to see too clearly in amongst the plants (weeds) and the collected items of oddness which I have gathered together as I've found them when digging, but there are a pair of robins awaiting my attention. 

There are actually about 6 adult robins that visit the garden regularly but today it was these two waiting for me.
They are all in various stages of moult and there are a couple of youngsters about who are just beginning to develope their red breasts.

These two though have different tastes, the one on the doormat likes the mealworms best whilst the one by the outside doormat likes the suet pellets.  Not that I spoil them at all of course!  And I have to make sure that I launch a few suet pellets up on the flower bed to keep the sparrows amused as they have also learnt to appear when they see me in the kitchen.

Not a particularly great photo but after dinner, a spot of sunbathing is required.
I am so lucky to be able to follow these little feathered ones through the year, mind you, I have absolutely no idea to which pair the youngster belongs as they have already done their job of kicking him or her out to fend for itself, not without it figuring out how to get food out of me mind you!
Take care,
Til next time