Decluttering 365

This year I am taking a leaf out of another bloggers book, Sue from Our New Life in the Country has done this challenge and I am going to give it a go myself.

The goal is to make a record of at least 365 items that leave my possession to go on to further use with someone else, sent to the charity shop, gifted or sold.
Seems as I have to move both my home and workshop very soon this will be a useful thing for me to do, so lets see how it goes!
1.  Three seat cushions (2 of which I have just seen in the charity shop being used by the ladies that work there to make their chairs comfy, hopefully the shop 'bought' them!)
2.  A pair of boots
3.  A number of items of clothing although I am not sure what as I dropped the bag off in the charity shop before I could change my mind, I know there was one of my favourite jumpers in there that really needs to find a new home!
4.  Various items of clothing to the recycle bin including shoes.
5.  A couple of kick start diet books, along with a 'how to bake cakes and biscuits' book!
6. Hob from flat which I have at last replaced because the knobs didn't work properly!
7. Mini camping gas stove and 2 spare bottles.
8. and 9. Two fleecy jackets
10. Pair of 3/4 length trousers
11. and 12. Two pairs of unworn pyjama bottoms
13. Fluffy jumper
14. An old but favourite coat
15. and 16. Two tops
17. Selection of balls and dog toys that George has as spares, taken to animal ambulance shop to sell or for the dogs themselves.
18. Pair of old curtains.
19. Trainers, so comfy, so well worn, so falling apart, they had to go!
20. Gardening gloves, too many holes and a bit too big.
21. Selection of part done puzzle books, taken by a lady who will no doubt have way more brain cells than I and will be able to finish all the ones I didn't even manage to start!
22. Big pile of craft magazines
23. Big pile of home/interiors magazines
24. 25. 26. 3 lamps
27. - 37. Pans, utensils, coasters, pyrex dishes etc
38. A rugby shirt
39. Cardigan
40. Jumper
41. 2 chopping boards
42. 4 pasta bowls
43. 8 tea plates
44. Old text books x 3
45 - 60.  books
61. bicycle
62. Long length of plastic pipe left over from diy project
63. mixing/salad bowl
64. Selection of diet and health magazines
65. Bag of coat hangers
66. and 67. 2 jugs
68 T-shirt
69 tablecloth
70 Pair of boots
71  Storage trunk
72 and 73 books
74 Book
75 Jam pot
76 Decorative flower pot
77 2 cups
78 - 81. pyrex dish and plates
82 BBQ baster thing! (I don't even have a BBQ!)
83 Book
84 Crock jar
85 China serving plate
86 Cookie cutters x 10
87 Shortbread moulds
88-91 Mugs
92-98 Plates
99 Vase
100 cutlery
101 Electric timer plug in thing
102 Apron
103, 104 Pyrex dishes x 2
105-107 Pillows x 3
108 Fridge
109 Freezer
110 flag
111 pedometer
112 vase
113 set of coasters
114 solitaire set
115 picture frame
116 117 ornaments
118 Bike rack for car
119 Big cupboard from old workshop
120 Old wicker trunk
121 Pair of china wine goblets
122 Cake decorating turntable
123 6 stubbie holders
124 Mini cooker
125 Portable hob
126 Book
127 Bed frame
128 small table
129 decorative dish
130 a big selection of herbs and spices, out of date.
131 Old kettle that appeared to be disintegrating (did have to replace with new one, so does it still count?!!).
132 silk scarf


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  1. Well done, will be following with interest. As I didn't get to the magic number of 365 mine has rolled over to this year and I still have over eighty items to banish from my life :-)


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