Friday, 22 March 2013

Remember the sunshine?

As I sit here snuggled on the sofa with the wind and rain lashing at the windows, I have remembered that I had a few more pictures from last week on the beach.
Remember then?  When we had some sunshine!! 

It may not look as colourful as this today now that the headland is swathed in cloud, but apparently the surf is much better!

Such a joy to have been out feeling the warmth of the sun.  I can tell you it was not warm enough to roll the trousers up, I did try, then I remembered that I was still wearing a hat and gloves so therefore it definately not going to be warm enough!

George ran about like a puppy and because we didn't meet anyone else he didn't feel the need to find something for them to throw!  Good thing really as he is supposed to be 'resting' his bad leg!

Going to have to hold onto these warm picture memories for a few days me thinks, we have a bit of a stormy time ahead followed by a proper cold spell.  Doesn't bode well for the frogs which have been busy hopping back to the pond on the headland in the sunny weather. 
Hope you are all safe and warm wherever you are this weekend
till next time
Sarah xx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

On the rocks

Glad its still sunny today as I wanted to put these pictures on that I took on Tuesday!
George and I managed to spend some time on the beach in the sunshine.
It was mighty cold still!  Hat and gloves were required at all times.

I don't think I have been on the beach when the tide is this far out.  These rocks are generally hidden for the most part.  They are so impressive, the shapes they create and the thousands of little creatures that are living on them and in the rock pools.

Normally we are marching up the hill or out to the left of this picture to the headland so it was nice to get a different view.

Closer inspection of the rock reveals the source of the blue tinge to the rocks.
We sat down after a spot of gathering driftwood and just enjoyed being in the sunshine, so nice not to have to be fighting the winds and driving rain.
I have a few more pictures so will try to get them on soon, maybe the sun will keep on shining!  Easter is not too far off now and just as soon as I have finished my college week I shall be in the workshop to get on with the preparations and making of stock once more.
Right now it is (as usual) time for food so take care all, til next time
Sarah x

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dodging the rain

So here I was just thinking that I'll get these pics online seems as I am so impressed with myself for remembering to take the pictures as I have made the stock and I have just noticed the time and realised that it is 10pm and I've not had my dinner!  Not really had lunch either!
However that does mean that I have been nice and busy and have had a lovely day getting on with some study and some Land Cuckoo stock making.
This is a brand new sign, hot off the paintbrush.  The wording was requested by a customer and I have had the stencil made by a local company which I am so happy to have been able to use.  Really cuts down on the production miles!  I have a few new designs in the planning stages (in my head) and hope to get them made into stencils very soon.

At last I have got onto the seaside fabric!  Have been looking forward to making this memo board up for a while and now I have!  Hopefully it will be dry and bright tomorrow so I can get out and take some photos for the website.

We have had a wonderful day today with some stunning sunshine and spectacular cloudbursts.  I managed to avoid all of the rain by strategic timing of dog walking and tea drinking in Baggy's!
Well right now I am off to get my dinner, hope you all have a lovely weekend, til next time
Sarah x