Sunday, 22 February 2009

She saw seals at the seaside

So we didn't go to Devon this weekend, but we did go to the seaside for the day yesterday. First visit of 2009 and it was so nice to blow the cobwebs and get some sea air, I love the smell of the sea.
This is the coastline at Caister, just north of Great Yarmouth. The sea was so still yesterday, was more like being by a lake. It did make a change from the last few times we have been where you have to walk into the wind first or run the risk of not having enough energy to walk back to where you started. Even George was looking at the sea like he might give it a try, but he is still not keen on the whole moving water thing.

We were treated to the closest encounter with a seal that I have ever had. The black mark in the centre of the picture is in fact a seal, quite a large one and so close to us too. I have seen quite a few up this coastline but never as clearly as this one. Next time I shall have to remember to pack the binoculars.

The sunset was spectacular and this picture only tells half the story. By the time we got back to the car and were on our way to get the fish and chips (we were at the seaside - it had to be done) the setting sun was glorious with streaks of bright orange and red across the sky. Naturally, my camera was in the boot of the car and with no safe place to pull over, the images are only in my head, sorry!

And now it is back to work, there are lots of jobs around the house and garden to keep us busy here. So I'm off to do more washing, not that it's that taxing really, the machine does it doesn't it! I'm just the administrator of clean and dirty stuff!
Take care all
Sarah x


  1. Looks like you had a brilliant day, I know what you mean about the smell of the sea. I'm missing it already (before our move we were only 5 minutes away from it!). and chips by the sea...yummy!

    Sue xx

  2. Hey Sarah,

    nice blog. Good pics also. And not to have fish and chips at the sea side is almost criminal.

    I hope your blog becomes a success. Once I figrue out how to work twitter I will let you know.

    Did gave get to pig out on chips after passing his fitness tests?



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