Friday, 6 February 2009

The more it snows (tiddely pom)......

Had a call from a friend yesterday who had never built a snowman! So, armed with carrot and a bag of coal off we went to help rectify the situation. The result was a rather proportionally challenged snowman tea party!

Found a rather cold queue at the bus stop on the way home!

Off to rescue my chickens now who think the world is about to end with all this white stuff falling out the sky.

So whilst reciting the words of Pooh or rather AA Milne to be precise 'the more it snows (tiddely pom) the more it goes (tiddely pom)' off I goes to light the fire to stop my toes (tiddely pom) from getting colder!

Take care all x

1 comment:

  1. ah you look so sweet at the snowman tea party!

    You will be pleased to hear that both snowmen are doing well, and are enjoying the fresh snow-fall!

    Would love to grab a copy of the snow pictures when you have a chance :-)

    See you soon,

    Katie xx


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