Sunday, 1 March 2009

Let sleeping dogs and cats and husbands lie

Thank you Karon at Dream Acres she has given me a mention on her blog along with some other lovely bloggers. Do go and have a look, I shall keep you posted too as she is putting the finishing touches to a new website which will contain her beautiful handmade products.

The quilt is finished! I finished it off last night whilst catching up on the Masterchef finals. Not sure what I am more amazed at - me finishing a project or the fabulous and amazingly complicated food they were cooking on masterchef!

Who would have thought it could be so difficult to photograph a quilt? I have got more used to taking the photos for the website but this threw me. I just couldn't seem to get it to look right no matter where I placed it! But thats not a problem as I am not selling this one, it is going in the snug for the cold evenings.

Whilst out on our walk this morning we managed to catch up with the little white pony, first time in ages he has been over our side of the paddock.

It wont be long before the cow parsley has grown up through the woodland walk again, last year it was so overgrown you couldn't see the dog, it could even disappear a small child! Found these snowdrops which seem to have appeared in the past couple of days, thought I had better get a photo before they become lost.

Few more products to add to the website, today it is the turn of the handwritten signs. Well I am now the only one in this house awake! Hubby is allowed as he was working nights last night, but who can I hear snoring? its Missy, the small dainty little cat she is and I can hear her two rooms away!

Take care, sleep well!

Sarah x


  1. Just found your lovely write well and its a joy to read.....will follow and pop back.

  2. Oh p.s....beautiful quilt by the way...lovely work.

  3. Gorgeous quilt, I love the colour scheme. It's SO satisfying to finish a project like that isn't it. Well done and enjoy snuggling into it in these last few cold days and nights of winter.

    Sue xx

  4. The food in masterchef was fantastic! Very inspirational.

    Your quilt looks great, i am no expert but just had a quick zoom through the web and you are doing very well.

    As for the photography, the best pictures seem to be of a bed made up with a quilt and some cush ions. Which means you had better get cracking on the cushions :)



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