Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Eggs and lemons

Note to oneself - when filling up the compost bin, do not stand on rather slippy piece of wood as there is a great danger that you will end up face first in the compost bin. Enough said.

We had the first egg of 2009 yesterday! That has been a long time coming, seems ages since our girls stopped their egg production for the winter. This one is being attributed to Galdys, seen here at the front. This, incidentally, is the first day that the Chickadees have decided to come out of their enclosure due to the 'white stuff' on the ground. It took them 2 days to decide that it was ok to come out of their house without any encouragement! So why no picture of the fabulous egg I speak of? Well apart from the fact that I believe that you are all familiar with the humble egg, I must confess that I dropped the darn thing! S'ok I did manage to save it for a scramble which I shall be tucking into for my lunch.

So what should I do with the lemons I seem to have accumulated? Lemon cake, lemon curd....... no lets go for good old fashioned lemonade.

Thinly peel 8 lemons and place peel in bowl with 8oz caster sugar (I gave up with the peeler and used a zester instead, I'm sure it will have the same effect!). Pour over 4 pints of boiling water and leave overnight in a cool place. Juice the 8 lemons and keep the juice in the fridge. The next day, strain the mixture and add the chilled lemon juice, bottle and keep chilled.

Dug out this recipe in my favourite cook book, found in a charity shop a few years ago, I always seem to find something good to cook from it.

Will have the finished product tomorrow. So take care and be safe, til tomorrow x

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