Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hot Koala!

Had a lovely email from my friend Shireen in Australia who sent me these pictures of a georgeous little koala who found his way into someone's shed to try and cool off during the heat wave they are having. The owner put out a bowl of water for the little fella, who tested the temperature, had a good drink then clambered on in!

When you don't have a telly you forget to check up on what may be going on in the world, so I was rather surprised this morning when I looked out the window! More snow! The course I should have been on today has been cancelled and we are pretty much stuck in the village. Not a problem though, have seen lots of the neighbours out and about playing in the snow, and its been lovely to catch up with them.

Stay warm and safe, or cool and calm depending upon where you are when you are reading this!
Til tomorrow x

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