Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Oh mist rolling in from the sea

Mull of Kintyre, oh mist rolling in from the sea la la laaaa la la la la la la la............

Guess what I was singing all morning!

Couldn't help it after seeing this.  It really was quite amazing how the mist just stopped and reversed once it hit the land, you could see it swirling back on itself.  Now a few hours later it is all disappeared and we are back to a sunny day with just a bank of mist out at sea so you can't see the other coastline.
Once again, I must dash off and find food to fuel my afternoon's work making up some orders.
Take care all
Sarah x

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sun in July

Beautiful sunset from Baggy's on Saturday night looking out to Lundy Island.  We have been treated to sunsets like these for the past few nights and its even better now that it is warm enough to be outside to appreciate them!!

And now that the sun is here the beach is packed 
So is the water.

Not that clear to see in the photos I grant you, but take my word for it - there are people everywhere now!!
The field is still recovering from the shocking weather we had over the Oceanfest weekend, it will take time but it will back in great condition ready to be the winter lodgings for the Baggy's sheep next year.

Spot the difference!
My commute to work one taken in February, one in July (as in now the sun is out July rather than the soggy July we were having!) - guess which one is which!

Righto, must go and find food!
Take care all
Sarah x

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Saw this and thought it was just right.

Hope you are all ok
Take care
Sarah x

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Windows of opportunity

This is George's favourite place to sit when I am working.
This isn't my house!!  Wish it was but I would need a much larger bank account than I currently have!  This is the view from Baggy's surf lodge which is my second home really since I moved here.  Downstairs is a cafe and then upstairs there are a selection of bedrooms with bunk bed accommodation and the best views.
An more importantly than even the views are the people who are just lovely and have made me feel very welcome.  Once I am back into regular blogging then no doubt there will be much more all about Baggy's.
Found this fab specimen when George and I were out walking the other day (before the rains came).  Such a great colour and wonderfuly striking with it's spikey leaves and petals.
Right at the top of Baggy Point where you can see across (on a clear day) to Woolacombe one way, Lundy Island out to sea and Croyde, Saunton and onto Westward Ho! in the other direction, along the coastline all the way to Hartland.
This just about shows Croyde Bay with Saunton Sands in the background.
Well, lots to be getting on with today, still got lots to tell but lacking in the time to sit and type it all up!  Must go and find that time management for Dummies book again.........
Take care all
Til next time
Sarah x