Wednesday, 18 February 2009

And then there were two


We have another tree! Those nice men from the tree nursery came back and dug another hole to keep the first tree company. Apparently they wont get to 40 ft tall, that is their maximum height. The reason for the trees is to replace the one that had to be cut down as it had grown so big it was damaging the houses! It will be nice to have them there, did miss the big old tree when they took it down, although it has been heating our house lovely in the woodburner!

Finally got a picture of the snowdrops which are popping up in the churchyard. They did make it through the snow but I thought I'd wait until they weren't so camoflauged.

In our village we have quite a lot of squirrels, and they are responsible for planting a lot of trees, especially walnut and conker trees. Last year I dug out over 30 conkers from my veggie patch and a fair few more from the lawn! Caught this little fella running through the trees this morning. If you are a squirrel (you probably wont be reading this) but if you were, then it is possible to get from one end of the village to the other without your feet touching the ground using trees and telephone wires.

Found some lambswool on the fence in the cow field, it is so soft and smells great! Don't worry, these sheep don't have an identity crisis from living in the cow field, they don't know about the cows. But I have decided that the ones with the black faces are not as rebellious as the ones with white faces. This fact is apparent because everyday I go there, the white faced sheep have jumped over their fencing and are mooching around the entire paddock but the black faced ones have stayed within the fence because that is what you are supposed to do. Now I dont know much about sheep but I do know that they can loose their heads when crossing a busy intersection!

Anyhow, off to make more tea, not forgetting the koala for the day.........

Take care all, til tomorrow

Sarah x


  1. OOoooohh that made me laugh out so very loud!!! I'll never forget that poor sheep. Everytime I drive through that intersection I think of that poor sheep but then I laugh at our reaction and Gav's reaction to us!

  2. What a great set of photographs, and loved your running commentary. Just discovered your blog through Gill at That British Woman when you left a comment today. I have enjoyed my visit and will be back.


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