Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Shopping and wine

Couldn't go out in the snow again without the camera so heres one of George having a little rest from chasing the ball!

Had some messages from my friends in Australia, they are all so hot! The heat they are enduring at present is across the whole country and compounded by power cuts, I do hope it will give them a break soon. I read yesterday that apparently they have lost nearly 90% of the wine crop for this year (that would be grapes wouldn't it!) which I guess will mean that a nice drop of Australian red may well be costing a lot more next year. I am making a note on my shopping list to stock up now.

Speaking of shopping lists, we are following a new method for shopping in the Land of Cuckoo. We noticed the other week that we seem to have been spending a huge amount of money on food lately. Admitedly, we have never been very good at following a list and we have certainly never set ourselves a budget but it was getting daft. So now we have a set amount which has to see us through until the next month and we have to use up leftovers and be more creative with menus. Now this is probably what everyone else has always done, I know our parents are pretty skillful at this but now it is our turn to learn.

Good news - the chickens came out of their house all by themselves today! They are still not happy about the snow and have no desire to go and take a closer look but it was an improvement on yesterday. Speaking of whom - I had better go and shut their door so we don't have frozen chook.

And another picture of George warming himself by the fire to finish off.
Take care all, til tomorrow x

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  1. Hi, just called by for the promised cuppa!! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. If there's room by the fire I'll join George, luckily our animals (up to now)are avoiding the fire so we get all the heat to ourselves and funnily enough they don't even hog the Aga...must be the Townie in them!!


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