Thursday, 26 May 2011

Birds on a perch

More chick pics today once again!  To be honest, apart from making stock in short burst there really isn't a lot else to tell you anyway!  Apart from the fact that it has just rained!  First time that I have seen it do so for 10 weeks!
Yesterday the chicks all started to be more active and one in particular was rather keen on climbing up the side of the towels so I put together a few perches for them.  When I came down this morning all 5 of the chicks had hopped up and were still snoozing on the new perch.  Very proud of them especially as I didn't have to demonstrate! 
Fidgit was quite settled into the perch too.

So much so that after brekkie he just decided to stay there and sleep!

Now this is what happens when your mates show you how to get up but then don't stick around and show you how to get down again!

Ah well, nothing to be done but have a nap in this position!

To be honest, now that they are all filling out and moving about so much I don't really know which chick is which, apart from Fidgit who still looks different to the others.

Well I've probably chicked out this blog now!
Back to work I go, well after the next mealworm break anyway!
Take care all
Sarah x

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Growing up fast

I think I may be one of those who feels the need to show everyone photos at every opportunity!  However, it is not every day that you get to watch blue tit chicks growing up so closely so I shall continue!
Needless to say, most other things in Land Cuckoo are being done in 1 hour segments between feeding the brood!

I am very happy to report that Fidgit (here in the centre of picture) who was the smallest chick and most likely not to survive, is continuing to grow along with the others, so much so that I now have to do a double take to pick him/her out from the others which is great news as I doubt he would have survived if left in the 'wild'.

It is a shame that these little ones are not able to be raised by their Mum and Dad and I do miss seeing the parents busying themselves in and out of the nest box during the day but on the other hand, you wouldn't get to see 5 full tummied chicks crash out after dinner time!  Couldn't get a shot of all of them but they were stretched out and face down with their heads loloping to one side, dropping off cartoon style!

I did take a little video again today to compare to a few days ago but have not yet got it to upload!  Will work on that in the next feeding break!

Hope you are all keeping well, take care
Sarah x

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Chick update

Just flying past (practicing you see for the Chicks) to let you know that all 5 of the chicks are doing very well, even Fidgit is making progress.  No pics due to camera being in the house and me being here and on my way back there in a mo as they will be hungry again by now, as am I!

Thanks for all the tips, going to get the spare matress to pop on the floor for me to land on after flying practice......
Take care all
Sarah xx

Friday, 20 May 2011

Foster Mum

This little bird came to stay today.
Along with its 4 brothers and sisters.
They are the 5 chicks from the Blue Tit brood that have been nesting in the big tree nest box.  Sadly one of the parents was found dead this morning and after watching the bird box for hours all I could see were the beaks of the chicks desparate for food to arrive.  Sometimes the remaining parent will abandon the brood as it is so difficult for just one bird to find food for all the chicks especially since it has been so dry lately and food is in short supply, or it could also have been killed, either way it was not apparently coming back to the nest.
After speaking to wild animal rescue centres in particular the Bournemouth Bird Rescue who specialise in garden birds it was apparent that the best thing to do was to take the chicks and see if they would adapt to being hand reared.

This little one is now called Fidget because that is what he or she does a lot!  Having said that, it is also the smallest and will be the hardest to keep going, although so far he/she is feeding but just isn't quite up to speed with the rest of the brood. 

There seems to be a game where one of the chicks has to get to the top of towel mountain.  They are strong little creatures and now very full on meal worms!

Once at the top, the only thing to do is sleep!

So thats all the news for now, will keep you updated on the chicks progress.  At some point I shall have to be showing them how to fly and feed themselves - any hints and tips in that department will be great!  One day at a time for now though and I'll be off back indoors to see if anyone wants any more mealworms before bedtime.
Take care all
Sarah x
and the 5 Chicks xxxxx 

Monday, 9 May 2011

Market day

Along with the rain came Saturday morning.  No rain for 7 weeks apparently, according to a gardening friend of mine, I knew it was a long time for us in the UK in April but that was a little longer than I thought.
We were very fortunate at market, having thought we were in for a thorough soaking, the rain came and went rather quickly and it wasn't long before we were gathering outside our gazeboes and basking in the sunshine!

Mama's cupcakes as usual were stunning!

I had to work very hard to resist the temptation, not only are there cupcakes, but fudge and brownies too, so triple the goodies and deliciousness!

This is one of the pretty bracelets made by Kathy from Busybeadz

Yet more temptation!

Pretty packaged tomato plants all ready to be popped in the ground

and pretty cups and saucers with pretty flowers, what a lovely gift.  Made by Karin who is always on the lookout for some delightful china to add to her collections

I need a much bigger house so I can have all these great pieces of furniture!  Every market Roz and Rachel of Roch Furniture bring more beautiful items.

And now they are making their own too.  This is an example of one of the outside tables, the one in the background is for indoors.
Well it may not have rained enough for the gardeners this weekend but this market was most definately saturated with great handmade products!  (Sorry bout that but felt the need for a weather related play on words!)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend, til tomorrow
Sarah x

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Top Cat

Did I not blog yesterday?  Was sure that I had done so but clearly not!  I wonder what else I think I have done but havn't, guess I'll find out as the day progresses.

What I did do yesterday was take some pictures of stock for the website out in the garden.
In my own little world planning what was going where and I hear a little meow which became louder and louder.  For the life of me I couldn't see where it was coming from, then I looked up!
On the shed roof she was.  Missy our daintly little fluffy black cat has developed a route to the highest point which doesn't involve jumping more than a foot off the ground, it is all very carefully mapped out.
First you go around the back of the shed and use the strategically place wood store to clamber up to the fence, then you use next doors fence and shed to get to the next level and then you are just a mini jump away from the big shed roof! 
Once on the shed it is only a very small, although precise jump to the pergola

The perfect place to stretch out and relax in the sun!  Although you must remember not to roll over or you will just roll off!
As for how she gets back to ground level, I am not sure as this is not ever seen, she just materialises in the kitchen demanding milk!  I suspect it is the same route backwards.
Well now it is back to work for me, take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Broad and Mini

Yesterday we decided to take ourselves off to the Norfolk Broads.  We were only just over at Great Yarmouth so it wasn't too far.

Along the side of the Broads we found the most delightful dwellings.  Each and everyone was different, from the size of the plot to the colour and shape of the builiding.

What a peaceful place to sit and watch the boats go by!

Then I spied this tiny cottage in amongst the trees, a little bit away from the water's edge

with a balcony and a view!  This has just gone top of my list of coveted places to live! 

And it looks like the chooks went on holiday too!

this was the mini egg I retrieved from the hen house this morning!

Hope you have all been enjoying the long weekend once again, not long til the next one!
Take care all
Sarah x