Thursday, 19 February 2009

Found my quilt

The quilt is back! Well by that I mean I have dug it out from the far reaches of my cupboard, spent ages looking for the bag of material left over from the piecing together of it and have begun finishing it off! Hmm the words begun and finish in the same sentence, not sure that anything I have ever done has been started and finished very quickly - no worries with starting things............

So, great day so far, sewing this morning and leggo this afternoon (been playing with my friend and her little boy), onto the mint tea and ginger biscuits now - going to improve my digestion no end with that combination aren't I? Don't think all the sugar in the biccies can get cancelled out just by a spoonful of ginger tho! Ah well back to the gym tomorrow now that I am not longer sneezing for England.

Sorry to be brief, want to get back to the quilt so I'll just leave you with todays bear.

Take care
Sarah x

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