Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Trees and birds and birds in trees

We have a new tree.

Some nice people from the tree nursery came yesterday and planted a Sorbus thuringiaca Fastigiata on what used to be the grassy bank until we all had building work done which turned it into a mud bank. This was very nice of them, apparently it is a 'compact tree', when I checked in my gardening encyclopedia it grows to 40ft!

Just stuck my head out the back door to speak to the chooks and let the dog and cat in and out and back in again. It is so nice to hear all the birds chattering, coupled with the mild day that it is today it actually makes spring seem possible. As I cannot send you the sound that I can hear I took a picture of what I was looking at at the time! If you look closely you will be able to hear the woodpecker tapping away too. We have both green and greater spotted woodpeckers, don't know which one is making the noise!

Found the Chickadees running from the scene of their latest crime - rearranging the fallen leaves from our 'Spikey', yes we have even named our tree. Then they decided to check out Missy, who was not in the least bit impressed and sloped off to the other end of the patio.

And finally do I have room for another hot koala picture? Oh yes I think I do!

Take care all and be safe, til tomorrow

Sarah x


  1. Loving all the koala pics....what gorgeous little creatures.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, yes get your scales out and display them, mine are only repro but I love them (they only cost me £3 from a car boot sale, I couldn't believe my luck and with 3 sets of weights too!!).

    Sue xx

  2. Nice koala picture! We don't have any here, except in zoos! :P


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