Sunday, 6 February 2011

What a difference a plan makes

I have been so very impressed with myself these past few weeks whilst I have been working elsewhere full time because I have managed to be so much more efficient in the time that I have had at home.
It is very true that if you want something done then ask a busy person!
This weekend I have been considerably less efficient!  Having two whole days stretching out in front of me I seem to have lost the ability to achieve!
Never mind, I guess I should put it down to 'time off' and be happy that I have done some things, just not all the great long list I had planned!

I did manage to get to one of my favourite places - Second Hand Alley.  Set in a draughty old barn in the Bedfordshire countryside it is packed with furniture and things from house clearances and auctions.  I was lucky it was open as I only went past on the off chance now that they are only open every other weekend.  I was so pleased to find this watering can, it doesn't even stand up properly because the bottom is bowed outwards but I love it!  I have some bulbs that should have been planted ages ago which I shall throw in there to see if they take!

This is the bulk of my haul.  With the exception of the wooden hearts which I forgot I had put on the chair!  The little white chair will be sanded down and painted as will the two brown chairs behind.  They are rather comfy chairs too, didn't check the childs one as I didn't fancy getting stuck a la Goldilocks!

The picture, well certificate is from the Truman, Banbury and Buxton Brewery, given to a member of staff who had worked for them for 30 years back in 1956.  I was initially drawn to it because of the striking colours and the pictures of the different breweries but the more I looked at it the more I just felt that I should have it.  I didn't like to think of it being left in the damp and draughty barn just because it wasn't one of my relatives to whom it had been given to originally.

Hubby thinks I am completely mad of course, but I maintain that I like it and it is going up on the wall, regardless of who Mr Clarke was who had given the company 30 years of his working life!
Lets face it, I am never going to be getting a 30 year loyalty recognition from any company I work for so i'll enjoy this one instead!
Best get back to it, hoping to make a cushion before dinner!
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend
Take care
Sarah x

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Just a note....

I am still here!
Have been working full time for a temping agency since my last post and I have taken on some Pampered Chef work so it has been full steam ahead and not a lot of time to stop and write about it!
Plus there are a few things I am organising too, no doubt I'll be back with more about that soon.
As it is right now I am just about to go in to hunt and gather in the larder to find my tea which should give me just enough time to cook, eat, read for a bit then off up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire!
Hope you are all ok out there
Take care, til the next time
Sarah x