Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The birds

Yesterday evening, just as I was busy pottering around the workshop my friend who has been here for a few days looked out the window and exclaimed at the sight of hundreds of birds flocking to the trees.

Sadly the pictures don't do the event justice, it was phenominal!

After the birds had all gathered on the tree at the back of the house they flew right over us before swooping around the bay and then congregating on the tree in front of the house.

The noise was amazing and the sight as they flew overhead was like nothing I have ever seen before.

I did manage to get some video of them as they all flew into this tree but it goes on a bit as they appeared from nowhere and continued to arrive, thousands and thousands of them, I have no idea how they even fitted into the tree!
I am going to set my alarm and try to get outside again tomorrow at the same time to see if they come back and I'll get the camera on the right setting and hopefully capture it more clearly.  Even if I don't, I think I want to experience the sight again!
Take care all, til next time
Sarah x

Monday, 29 October 2012

Buttons and friends

 Wimpole Hall annuall Craft and Gift fair is fast approaching (November 17th and 18th to be precise!) and here in Land Cuckoo work has been fast and furious to prepare the stock for the show.

Even friends who visit are not left out, being given a collection of buttons to 'play' with and turn into the button fridge magnets that have been so popular recently. It turns out that I am not the only one who likes buttons!!
My lovely friend Debs has been down here with me in Devon this weekend for a proper catch up and regular excursions to the beach with the dogs.  It seemed only right that she should get in on the act and have a play at making things, so just when she thought she could relax with a cuppa low and behold a box of buttons appears!

In amongst the buttons I have also been busy painting and sewing.  The spiced mats are back for the autumn and winter and the workshop smells divine with the oils from the room fragrances.
Right now it is time to get the dogs out to the beach, then it is back to the production centre for more, well, production!!
Take care all, til the next time
Sarah x

Friday, 12 October 2012

Back on the beach

Hurry UP!
October means the doggy beach ban is lifted, great news for George and me! I love walking on the beach being gainfully employed as a ball flinger for George. I'm sure that just a half hour on the beach equates to 2 hours relaxation and fresh air!

The weather may not have been the best on this day but we weren't going to let that stop us!
We were treated to a flying display too.  Not sure what type of plane it was but there were two of them flying circuits around the bay, apparently using the neighbouring beach (which is huge) for some sort of take off and landing practice, although we couldn't see that from our beach.

I only lived in my house for a month before the doggy beach ban came into force this year so this will be the first winter I shall have with a sandy, soggy dog.  I have a feeling that there will be a constant layer of sand across everything in my home!  Amazing how much sand and water one dog can carry in his coat.

You wouldn't believe this was also taken in October, just a few days later!  Bare feet and paddling too, think it was a better day than most of the summer holidays!
Righto, off to find food, as usual
Take care all
Sarah x