Tuesday, 22 May 2012

George and the Torch

After my caffine overload of Sunday night I was a little shaky yesterday morning, but George and I got up and off into Braunton on the bus to go and see the Olympic torch running through.
Braunton is usually a busy place anyway but to see so many people out with flags and balloons was quite amazing.  All the shops and businesses closed up for the procession.

First through were all the police bikes, loads of them!  George still not too sure of what was going on!  He had experience overload with the bus ride as well, he's never been on a bus before and was very well behaved - liked sitting right at the back so he could see out the windows!

After the procession of the Olympic buses, cars and floats came the torch bearer, flanked by other runners either side.  Unfortunately I can't find out who this was as the website descriptions of the runners do not fit at all with this man!  It was past us in a flash and down to the square to hand over to the next person who would take the torch out of the village and on towards Illfracombe.

Not being content with bus rides and the Olympic flame, I decided to see if I could beat the torch to Lynton and Lymouth - its last stop in North Devon.  At one point as I was driving I thought I was being a bit silly and very nearly turned back, but curiosity got the better of me and each time I got to a road junction where there was a police presence it was clear that we were ahead of the torch so I kept going!!
I parked out at Valley of the Rocks in Lynton, only a couple of other cars in the car park which is unusual for such a beautiful day.  I have never walked round the headland so quickly!  And I didn't realise quite how uphill it is!
We just stopped at the top of the lane where it joined the high street and waited for the procession to pass.  After a few minutes the Olympic bus stopped and a lady with a torch got off, we were standing right where the handover was going to be!  As far as I can gather from the website this is Jane Browne and her speciality is fencing. She very kindly posed for photographs with us and chatted whilst waiting for the flame to arrive.  Thank you also to the very nice gentleman who took my camera and grabbed this photo for me!

Then the torch was lit and off it went down the hill to Lymouth and out of North Devon onto Somerset on its nationwide travels.


So pleased I had a mad moment and decided to go off after the torch!
Hope you get to see the torch if it is coming near you, it is worth it if you can do, although it is only fleeting, it is a great atmosphere full of happy people!
Take care all
Sarah x

Monday, 21 May 2012

In the middle of the night

Note to self - do not expect to be able to sleep after drinking a large, fully caffinated coffee on journey home when you are used to a caffine free diet!
Thats all!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Always check the tide times

Went over to Westward Ho! with George the other day, parked up and whilst I was layering up with jumpers and waterproofs (not a sunny day!) George trotted off over the pebble bank to get to the beach.
Pretty quickly he was trotting right back!

Clearly I have only been to Westward Ho! when the tide is out as I didn't even realise the sea came up this close!  Normally the sea is out towards the horizon with acres of sand for George to run about on with his ball and flingy stick.  So now I have to remember to read the tide times before setting off!

Looking forwards to a proper weekend off this weekend.  Not going to be doing any work (well after the last remaining shift of this week) either for someone else, sorting out my house or workshop, nor will I be painting anything, signs or floors!  I am going to see friends and enjoy the time with them all, good food (well I'm cooking so I hope it will be!) and good times with a sprinking of red wine no doubt!

Take care all
Sarah x

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Walk

Poor old George has not had the best walks recently.  I have been so busy with working and trying to get things done at home, not to mention getting stock made up for markets and orders, we haven't really been out properly for a few days.  He has had to be content with running up and down the hill after the ball, which actually he completely loves so actually it is just me that needs the extra exercise of a proper walk!
Today has been such a fab day, the gorse bushes are smelling wonderful, guess it must be the heat from the sun that brings the scent out more as they have been in bloom for a while now.

We headed out to Baggy Point which is a lovely round trip and you always meet lots of nice people enroute as it is part of the coast footpath.

The rocks are amazing round here and when the tide is out you can see so many interesting pools and mini beaches just perfect for exporing.

In fact it is possible to go coasteering round here which is something I shall be having a go at one day, when I have some 'time off'!!

This always makes me smile - the walk to the beach but right in the distance you can see the sea on the horizon - how come it looks higher up than I am?  Funny how things can look isn't it!

Well I have painted some signs, painted more of the workshop floor, brushed the dog, mowed the lawn and a number of other things that I can't even recall right now, and I am very hungry!  Some things dont change!
Off to make my dinner.
Take care all, til tomorrow

Friday, 11 May 2012

Watching paint dry

George Here!
I am taking over already as Mum is discovering that it isn't always possible to find the time to write about what you have been doing to fill your time!  Since I do have a little more time on my hands (sorry paws) I thought I'd crack on and get the blog done for the day.

I know you are going to get a lot of pictures of me but I did think this one rather captured my handsome side, the off the head ear look is all in this season, plus it is mighty useful when the wind is blowing in off the sea to keep one ear closed.
But who am I sitting next to?

I found these little chaps (or chapettes, who knows?) on the pathway back from Baggy Point.  Earlier in the year Mum and her friend who is Mum of my friend Lily (you'll meet her later) found a pond round the corner from here, full of frogs.  Now it is full of tadpoles all getting fatter and fatter!  Will keep you posted on their progress as Mum goes and has a look each time we go walking out that way.

This is me on the path out to Baggy Point.  It was rather wet and windy yesterday but it did make the grass look very nice and green!

And this is the view on the way back from Baggy Point looking towards Croyde Bay which is my local beach now.  Unfortunately in the summer I am not allowed on there but I'll be back on the beach on 1st October whatever the weather! 

When we got back home I had to sit in the doorway for a while whilst Mum painted the floor in the workshop.  Apparently it was just too dusty with the bare concrete so she had to move everything into the corner so she could get a clear run at the floor.  I wasn't allowed in there because I would have walked in the paint and then put paw prints all over the floor in the house.  Personally I think the carpet needs a little free paw art but Mum insisted otherwise.
This is the bit of floor she was painting first.

And this is the rest of the stuff all piled up ready to go back into the cupboards when the floor is dry!  We brought all this down in the van at the weekend which was fun as I got to ride up front and could see out of all the windows.

Painting floors is not for dogs!
I am off to have a nap now after my dinner, take care all, til next time
George xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Back into it

Well, ok so it is has been a little longer than I had planned but here's hoping that this is me getting back into blogging.

Has it really been so long that they appear to have changed the format for writing posts - its like totally starting from new!

George and I are settling into our new life here by the sea.  This is 'our' beach!  Although sadly we are not now allowed on it (well George isn't) until October due to the summer season doggy ban.

 All my possessions are now here too and I have one incredibly full workshop.  At present everything is piled up in 3 of the corners so I can paint the floor in the space and then move it all back!  Really ideally I would have done the floor painting when there was less stuff but things didn't work out like that so its onto plan B.

Another view of 'our beach'
The house move has made me realise that I don't have a huge amount of 'stuff' for inside the home but my workshop and crafty bits and bobs is extraordinary.  Do I really need all of it?  I just didn't realise how much I had accumulated over the past few years.  I am going to have to be very strict with myself whilst I am putting it all away and only keep that which is necessary.  Not easy when I think 'I could use that for...... ' or 'that is just perfect for....'

Today is going to be a floor painting and delivery day I think.   I have a couple of shops who need some stock and I am working tonight so can't go off and get stuck into things too much!
Best get cracking!
Take care all, til tomorrow x