Saturday, 31 January 2009


OK so I haven't decorated the workroom but I have set about re-organising the furniture so that it creates a better work space! Much to the amusement and bewilderment of others, I am incapable of working if I have decided that there could be a better way to store things! Just a few more bits to be put back and that will be done and I can get on and create with my new fabrics.

Got the lovely fabrics at Maggies (Sunflower Fabrics), she is always so inspiring and I am just itching to get on with sewing having spent just a short time with her this week.

Found these bulbs emerging in the flower bed when clearing out the weeds, have no idea what they will be as I cant remember what was there last year and have no recollection of planting anything!

Off to put the finishing touches to the new room and then out for dinner at the local this evening.

Sarah x

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