Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mysterious findings

Took the camera out with us when we went out with the dog today as it was such a beautiful day we thought we would get some nice pictures of the village and countryside.

Found this lovely rose bush at the edge of the buttercup field

These striking blooms are at the edge of a garden which seems to have been neglected for some time, it must have had some great plants in at one time, as every now and then through the undergrowth emerges a little beauty.

A little burst of colour at the side of the lane.

Then we found the biggest dandylion clock ever! Even with Hubby's hand (for scale purposes!) it still doesn't look as big in the picture as it did in real life!

And then it seems that this tree has been taken over by some other beings which appear to live in little red towers on the leaves! No idea what these were, did start to get a little creepy in the woods with alien beings inhabiting the flora!

Could this be the reason why? Found nestling in the hedge in a little clearing which was obviously made during the emergency landing was this time travelling alien ship. I'm off to contact the Doctor now, hope to be back with you tomorrow, that is tomorrow our time, here on Earth!

Take care all, til tomorrow


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