Friday, 1 May 2009

The day the diggers came

At the bottom of our garden is some land which for the past, well lots of years has not had much done to it but is home to wildlife and brambles! Just recently we found out that it has now been bought by a fellow villager who is turning it into a garden. Today the diggers came - big yellow machines have been out there getting rid of all the nasty brambles and rubbish that has accumulated over the years and we are looking forward to an even more beautiful view with more trees and the natural pond cleaned up. The owner hopes to re-introduce native species of trees and wildlife which have been lost in the area due to over building and gardening taking away their habitats.
The tree you see in the foreground is now affectionately known as the totem pole tree! It was once smothered with a clematis which was not doing well and neither was the tree, but we think the pruning may have been a little drastic! It now provides the birds with a great feeding station between us and our neighbours! By the way - it isn't our tree and we didn't kill it!
Just a few pictures of the holiday - Action dog on the beach! He loves chasing the ball and the open spaces on the beach are just great for him but he will not go in the sea, at all!
I can't say I blame him, I cannot tell you how cold the sea was! My feet hurt after 30seconds in there!
These are all at the beach in Croyde, North Devon. A great place for surfing and a huge huge beach.
And you just cannot go to the seaside without having some fish and chips! This has to be the best fish and chips I have ever had - from the Esplanade Fish Bar in Lynmouth, I could do with some now actually...............
As I am not nearly near enough to go and get any for my tea, I shall go off and raid the larder for food! Take care all, til tomorrow x

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  1. Lovely pictures. I bet you're glad your neighbour is taking charge of the land, it's great to see a wilderness become reclaimed and managed again. Sounds like he has all the right ideas. (And by the way... I LOVE the look of that fish....yummy!!)

    Sue xx


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