Wednesday, 13 May 2009

All things bright and beautiful

Oh how I wish I had a camera this morning! George managed to lose another ball in the stream when he dived in for a drink. He has not learnt that a heavy ball will sink once he lets go and then he gets confused, tramples all the silt and mud at the bottom of the water and hey presto - no ball! Fortunately, today it was in such a place that with a little dexterity (oh yes, like a mountain goat me!) I managed to clamber down the bank and using the flingy stick as a probe the ball was recovered! George, however emerged from the stream with no white fur showing at all, even his usual white nose and chin had been turned grey/brown from the silt at the bottom of the stream. Do I think he is going to remember the hassle of dropping the ball in the water? I doubt it, I am sure we will be doing the very same thing again before the year is out!

The rapeseed is just starting to lose it's colour now, the golden is glowing a little less as the blossoms begin to fall. I have no idea at what point they harvest this as I have never been this close before.
It is still amazing though, to walk along the track with all the blossoms at head height, the scent is very strong early in the morning too. I think these other blossoms are from a hawthorn bush, they are so pretty up close.

Here is a blog for you which is guaranteed to brighten your day! Garden Divas, who I have mentioned before have been blogging to show off all their new products. If you want some bright girly gardening goodies then this is the place to go!

Righto I am off to bake today, not for personal consumption but for an order which I am very excited about, maybe more about that another time....

Take care all, til tomorrow x
Sarah x

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