Monday, 18 May 2009


Well I would like to say I have been carried through the weekend on a gentle breeze but that would be lying! More like I have been drop kicked by the gusts of wind into the beginning of this week and I am not ready for it! How we all managed to leave intact from Saturdays market in Welwyn Garden I shall never know! It didn't half blow through the town and on more than one occasion we were chasing down blown away items and hanging onto stock for dear life! But, it didn't rain!

After weeks of meaning to, I eventually got to the local car boot sale yesterday. Not to sell anything, had enough of dodging the weather for one weekend! I was there purely in a shopping capacity and it was great.

Found this shortbread press, not something I have used before but was reading about them a few weeks ago so thought I would give it a try next time I bake.

Missy had to inspect the goods! Got some cotton shirts for a project I have in mind, which I wont embellish on as it will probably change by the time I get around to doing it!

Found these bottles too, don't know why I am liking things that have seemingly been dug up from someones garden at the moment but I do so I indulged myself! Not that I believed any of the story the chap selling them was telling me about how he had dug them up himself, I could be doing him a dis-service I know but, it doesn't matter does it? I still like them.

The ginger beer bottle just fits in with my other finds that are collecting on the windowsill. Note that they are collecting a protective layer of dust on purpose, it adds to their charm! I do have the scales that go with the weights but after 2 house moves they seem to have found their way into a hidden corner of the loft and have yet to be re-found, much to my annoyance! The old spoon in the picture was one I found of the beach obviously having been out at sea for a while and rather battered but I like to think of it having travelled across the oceans from its original start on a ship sailing to new lands many many years ago. Not even going to entertain the idea that it possibly has a much less romantic story like being left over from a picnic on the very same beach!

Off to work lots now, big show at the end of the week at Burghley House in Lincolnsire, first one of these I have done so I have no idea how it will go, better just get everything possible ready!

Take care all

Sarah x

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