Friday, 8 May 2009

Those machines keep on coming

The goal was, to blog before finishing my cup of tea - not happened! Tea has gone and blog has not!

The machines have moved closer to us. Yesterday they were just the other side of our fence and as we only have a low fence it seemed like they were in our garden!

Now you are not to notice any of the foreground, that would be our garden, just focus on the big yellow digger! Our garden is in need of a large dose of TLC but as we are still in the stages of moving things around, like log piles, sheds, log cabins and veggie patches there seems little point in getting into landscaping yet!

And the fires burned all day and all night........... This is a mahussive fire which has been going now for 3 days! Even more amazing is that the wind has been blowing the smoke away from all the houses, and there are houses on three sides! In acutal fact now that they have cleared so much of the brambles and undergrowth we can see how close the other houses are - we never realised they were that close!

All the cow parsely has shot up since we have been away.

I couldn't even see the little white pony in the next door paddock as the cow parsely was taller than the pony would be!

The rapeseed is really blossoming now, I have so many pictures as it may be a few years before the crop rotation gets round to it again!

Now I am off to walk the dog and get ready for the weekend at Stotfold Mill Country and Steam Fair.

Take care, til tomorrow x

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  1. Gorgeous pictures of George in the cow parsley.

    Have a good weekend at Stotfold Mill, looks like a brilliant place, unfortunately I will be sunning myself on the beach in Majorca....poor me!!

    Sue xx


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