Thursday, 28 May 2009

Healthy living

Recently I have noticed whilst reading other folks blogs that there is an air of healthy living decsending over us here in blogland. For our own part here in Land Cuckoo we have been gently increasing the fruit and veg intake, swimming and planning meals so as to avoid the last minute trip to the takeaway.
I have to agree that I do feel better when we are focused on meals and excercise, it really does work! Plus we are still following the budget for each months groceries, well apart from last month where it got a little lost along the way. This means that the larder is being refreshed more as we make sure we eat up anything that is edible before going off to the market to fetch more!

Over the weekend, I met a lady who has a health routine which I am seriously considering adopting - everyday at 5.30pm she stops what she is doing and has a glass of red wine and some olives! Now I have no idea how old she was but she certainly looked very healthy to me!

Do not adjust your screen, the glass on the left is truely that size! It is designed to prevent accidents, because if you have a glass this size there is less danger of you falling over on the way to fetch a top up as you have no need to - it all fits in the first glassful!

So as I sit here with my 5.15pm mug of tea and a gingerbread man (home-made by me with no artificial things in and available from my stall at Biggleswade Farmers Market, or direct by post if you like (nothing wrong with a little self promotion is there)) I am writing the shopping list for market on Saturday:

Red wine - lots of
Olives - green ones.........

Take care and keep up with the healthy lifestyles folks

Sarah x

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  1. MMMmmm that wine looks familiar, as do the wine glassess! I was drinking out of one of those last night with a lovely little rebel red with Mik.
    I'm off down south today with a bunch of girls for a wine, cheese and chocolate long weekend, yay! I'm sure we'll be hitting that winery as well as many many others! Hopefully there won't be any sheep to hit though!
    Take care xxxxx


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