Saturday, 30 May 2009

Mints and Buns

Had to go into Hitchin yesterday, don't very often go for a wander around as I am usually rushing about doing 1001 jobs. I had the time to wander through the market (antiques and collectables on a Friday) and the town whilst enjoying a freshly made lemon and sugar crepe from the market and even took the time to be a tourist and take a pic or two!

Just found out that the FA Cup final is on today! It wasn't supposed to be! We were going to have an FA Cup afternoon as we did a couple of years ago (didn't have a TV last year so it wouldn't have worked!) The plan was going to include Everton Mints and Chealsea Buns! Not to mention the regulation gingerbread men for each team - whoever eats the goal winner gets the FA Cup, well the gingerbread version! Hubby is working today so he probably wont get to see or hear any of it. Think I shall devise something for the Wimbledon final instead!

Right now I am busy measuring and planning the outhouse building works. We need to fit in a bathroom and utility into a relatively large space, but one which keeps producing corners which become unusable! I think I may have just cracked it though and I am sure my IQ level has risen whilst arranging the pieces of the puzzle on my scale model. Just so long as I got my workings out right with the scale model in the first place..........

The garden building out the back of ours is coming along well. Gone are all the brambles and a lot of the trees and the ground is levelled and ready for the landscaping. It does look rather bleak at present and it was quite awful watching the diggers uproot the trees in one manouevre but there will be more trees going back in and it will be beautiful once it is done.
Kind of feel that I could do with borrowing one of the diggers myself for our garden. We have such horrid soil and so many weeds right now I just don't know where to start! Felt very satisfied with the bit of weeding I did the other day only to find that the chickens have also jumped in to help and have now shifted all the soil onto the path! I must keep reminding myself that I can get onto the planting and pretty stuff once we have done the big digging and moving and building things! Patience doesn't appear to be one of my virtues!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, take care
Sarah x

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