Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Mountains of lost plots

Now I had a plot here somewhere, but it appears to have been lost, well I can't find it. I guess it is probably with those marbles and quite possibly I would find some loose screws in the same place.
Cuckoo? I think so!
Yep, now singing and doing the actions to Reach for the Stars (S Club 7), things have been lost beyond my control now.
Lovely Hubby is cooking tea, he is good and his food t'aint bad either! It does look remarkably like George is reading out the recipe though doesn't it!

If I don't get got by the paperwork mountain.....

It will be the mug mat mountain that gets me!

Take care all, hope to be with you tomorrow

Sarah x

1 comment:

  1. Phew......someone else that feels like me!!

    I was begininning to think I was the only un/dis-organised person out there, with mountains of things building up around me...whilst I sit clutching my coffee cup wondering where to begin.

    Sue xx


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