Saturday, 9 May 2009

On the beaches

I just found out that someone (you know who you are) is going to be sitting on a beach in Majorca as I am writing. Now whilst that is not really unusual, as I would expect that at any given point in time at which I am writing there will be someone somewhere sitting on a beach, it just made me think how much I would like to be sitting on a beach somewhere too! Well to be honest I would probably prefer to be sat next to a pool, preferably with a nice bar, very comfortable lounger and a good book (good looking waiters too much to ask for d'you think?). Although I could be tempted by a lovely beach I found in Goa................. be back in a mo, just reminiscing.........

But then it occurs to me that I should really jump back on the reality waggon - I am very lucky in so much as I have just been to the beach. More than one in fact and they were all very very nice. I may not have been able to sit and read a book without some part of me succuming to wind burn or a chill but but all the same it was dry for the most part and sunny and that, my friends, is enough!

I am back to the mill tomorrow, will try and remember the camera - just another thing I forgot to take this morning! Had a very leisurely drive back down the lane when I left this evening as I was following 2 steam engines! They got up quite a speed once they got going, a very sedate and lovely way to travel so long as the wind is blowing in the right direction!

Take care, I'm off to find food, fudge does not count as one of my five a day does it?

Sarah x

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  1. And the beach was lovely!!!!! How can your dog be SO photogenic, he's gorgeous. And fudge is NOT one of your five a day....NAUGHTY GIRL!!

    Sue xx


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