Monday, 11 May 2009

Down at the mill

It was back to Stotfold Mill yesterday for the second day of their Steam and Country Fair. I went a bit earlier so that I had a chance to have a wander around myself, after all there is no point in going to work somewhere so interesting if you don't get a chance to have a look at it!

These are a few of the steam rollers and road engines (I am sorry but I really don't know what they are called but that is what they look like - definately recognised the steam rollers). It seems that steam engines are popular with all ages, - the engine at the front of the picture is a miniature version complete with miniature people (children) in their blackened boiler suits with dirty rags polishing the shiney bits!

This is what I followed down the lane on Saturday, one of two which were making their way, slowly, somewhere! I think, but I could be wrong that this along with one or two other engines are used to power the fairground rides.

One of the fairground rides, the steam gondalas, took the photo into the sun - hence it is so dark!

Then on the other side of the road in the meadow where the craft marquee was we had the tractors, vintage cars and bikes, archery, shooting, bouncy castles, not to mention the huge decorative organ which played its large reportoire from classical to the Beatles only to be interrupted frequently by the police car siren which was set off to the delight of the children but after 2 days has rendered me immune to the sound so much so that I am slightly concerned that I may not recognise that I have to get out of the way if I hear sirens out and about in the next week or so!

The afore mentioned organ

The vintage cars were all so beautifully polished and gleaming, puts my car cleaning efforts to shame - I don't think a taste of bubbles, rinsed off with the watering can and a quick chamois on the windows is what these cars get!
So which do I prefer? The brilliant red Triumph or this real smiling proper looking car with eyes? The Jaguar was pretty cool too but I decided to narrow my choice down to those with soft tops, or no tops at all!

Spotted this round the corner in the mill! Looks like someone had a good night! In actual fact it was part of the raffle - win a barrow of booze and the bottles were all full although I suspect that may not be the case by now if the winner has collected their prize!
Off to bake today after unloading and putting everything away from the weekend.
Take care, til tomorrow
Sarah x

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  1. I can remember as a child hearing the steam roller as it came up the street. It was in New Zealand and the roller would be out during the hot months rolling the road flat as the ashfelt buckled in the heat.



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