Saturday, 2 May 2009

A Fragmented, bitty piece of a day

Otherwise known as a Scrap Day down at Sunflower Fabrics. Five of us, under the watchful eye of Maggie, all got into raiding the scrap baskets and finding our treasures from which we would make more treasures!

One of the challenges set was for us to use colours that we would not normally choose which was a great idea, although some of us just couldn't quite break the habbits and found ourselves drawn to the old faithfulls! I guess when you like something it just puts you at peace to work with it!

So here is the photo overload for today:

First up - station yourself as close to the tea and biscuits as possible, then find some fabrics.......

This is my first attempt at something in different colours.

I am liking the floral blue and green design fabric in the middle here, something that has been subliminaly going into my mind over the past few weeks whilst I have been seeing a lovely bag which is hanging up in the cabin, made by a very clever lady - you know who you are!

Managed to get another little project on the go in the afternoon too, a star is another new one for me, but these are more my usual colours!

So I have rudely started off with my work first, I appologise, but here are the others. Nothing is remotely like anyone elses it is so great that we all had such different results.

I didn't get the finished picture of this as, but it was finished it off with a couple of borders which really sets the prints off well.

This is no understated piece of quilting! Isn't it great?

I love the black and white geometric pattern and am looking forward to seeing this when it is fully pieced together.

Now I would tell you what this type of piecing was called but I cannot remember!

I don't think I could have ever put all these colours together, don't they work well?

I put this one at the end because of the little owl peeking out from behind a tree, which doesn't actually show up in the picture very well but trust me its there!

A great little good night quilt!

So that is it for today, off to find out what Hubby is laughing at downstairs!
Take care all, Sarah x

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  1. Looks like you had a smashing time, what was that about a bag? huh huh?

    Ruth x


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