Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Buttercups and body parts

The buttercups are out in the Buttercup Field now which means that everytime George has been out for a walk he returns with yellow legs!

In comparison to the rapseed fields the buttercup field now looks quite tame, but last year when we were not surrounded by golden fields this was the most colour we had seen after the winter!

The lilac trees are out in all their glory too, must consider one for our garden somwhere, they smell so lovely too.

Just for a complete contrast, yesterday we went and had a look at bodies! Not for the squeamish, so look away now......................

The Bodyworlds exhibitions are pretty well known now after the TV series with the live autopsy performed by Gunther von Hagens. It is amazing to see all the insides of your body out there infront of you, so much so that you forget that these exhibits were once real people!

When we arrived for the exhibition at the O2 we were rather surprised to see such a long queue at the doors. In the hope that it was for something else we asked a member of staff who told us that they were all waiting for the X Factor auditions! Well, we asked ourselves what could we do? The 6 of us, surely we had some talent between us? Erm........ no, most definately not. We proceeded to the door, past all the hopefulls, were ferried accross the tide of expectant eagerness (ie they stopped the X Factor queue to let us cross!) and we just went and looked at bodies instead! Thus saving the nation from at least one rendition of some vaguely recognisable pop song by a group of smiling, unco-ordinated folk off the street!

Take care all, til tomorrow x

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  1. Lovely buttercup meadow and photo of the lilac, not fancing the body parts quite so much somehow!!

    Hope you had a good day.

    Sue xx


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