Thursday, 30 April 2009

Going AWOL

Morning! Ok so I went AWOL and forgot to tell you about it before I went! It was no surprise to me, the holiday has been booked for a while, I just forgot to let anyone else know about it!

We stayed here in North Devon, just outside Barnstaple in a fabulous barn conversion on a hillside over looking sheep!

This is the view from the lounge window and the bedroom too if you sat up in bed! The sheep you could hear bleating to each other during the day. They were so funny to watch - every now and then one of them would decide that they wanted to trot to the other side of the hill and would set off, whilst making plenty of noise, at which point the others joined in and noisily followed. I'm sure that none of them had any idea why they were off on a trot and then the one that started it all just stopped and started to graze again as if nothing had happened! This just left those sheep at the back wondering what on earth was going on! A bit like when you get stuck in traffic on the M25 only to find that it all starts again for no apparent reason!

This is how the week started
And this is the most tired member of the family who slept all the way home!
Well we did lots and took loads of photos so I'm sure they will be appearing here over the next few days or so!

For now, I have to go and bake again ready for tomorrows deliveries, so I'm off to the kitchen and catch you again tomorrow.

Take care, Sarah x

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