Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hot hot chooks

Note to oneself - when friend phones up and asks if you want to pop over for a cuppa and natter, try to do at least one little job first before you leave! Likewise, if she says she has to go to the supermarket - she should go first and not hope that there will be time left after you have put the world to rights!

So this is where we spent rather too much time today! But on the plus side - the world IS back on schedule and has been put right over numerous cups of tea. Apparently coffee is too hot for a day like today, but tea is ok - according to my friend, so you see the style of logic and reasoning which has been applied to the rest of the issues covered!
Do you think I should be worried by this rather large bowl of suspicious white powder in my friends kitchen (not to mention the little figure at the side who looks like he has already sampled something!) Panic over, she was going to make bread, but ran out of places to keep the flour!
Once at home I discovered two really really hot chooks trying to lay eggs at the same time! Neither one was about to give in and they were both squashed into the nest box. In this heat I just don't think it was a good plan but there was no reasoning with them, even put some water in the house for them but they were not interested. Now they are re-united with Betty who was not participating in the bundle in the nest box and are sunbaking in the dirt, still hot and panting! And still ignoring the numerous bowls of water which are placed around the garden - there's just no telling some chooks!
Take care all and enjoy the sunshine
Sarah x


  1. awww bless the chooks!

    sounds like you had a good day despite not getting your jobs done!

    Rose XXX

  2. I have hot chooks too, but mine are taking shelter under the kitchen table. Nine is a tight fit!

    They are drinking water in copious amounts, but usually from the dogs bowl, Sophie is NOT amused.

    Sue xx


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