Friday, 12 June 2009

Lost balls and car parks

I've been in a bit of a car park trance these past few days - you know when you are driving around looking for somewhere to park then you sort of forget what you are doing and why you are there! Am I the only one who gets like that?

But I am off and running now, not in the pounding the streets way, not quite that energetic but all the same I am making headway in a few projects. Apparently I am going that a way!

Today George and I went on a lovely stroll to the next village and back. Lost another ball in the stream - yes it is underwater and someone wont go and put their nose under to get it back and by the time I got to have a look the water was so full of silt there was no chance of finding it! I could go back with wellies on tomorrow to attempt the descent down the bank to hunt for it, alternatively I could just pop to the market and replace the sunken ball. By the way the picture is of George at the beach and that is a beautifully clear rock pool - nothing like the muddy place where his ball is now!

Off to work again now, take care all

Sarah x


  1. I know the car park feeling well. My son gives up all hope and just sits there muttering.

    I also know the the amount of balls you can go through, we have left a trail of balls, stuck in trees, in deep ditches and just lost in the long grass. I buy them in bulk whenever I see them going cheap. Gorgeous photo of George peering into the pool.

    (And are you really sure you want to go thataway, you'll get your feet wet!!)

    Sue xx

  2. it ok, i quite often forget why i have gone somewhere and what i wanted lol

    the other day instead of putting the milk back in the fridge i put it back where the cereal lives and left it out all day (and the cereal box in the fridge) D'oh!

    Rose XXX

  3. Our Garak is so lucky as a few years ago my daughter worked at a Nottingham hotel when they were holding one of the top tennis tournaments. Every day she came home with about 6 tennis balls that the players didn't want. We still have a bag of around 50 so he always has one to replace a lost one.



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