Friday, 5 June 2009

Gardening tips for Buddys Friday

My Buddys Friday tips are being lifted straight out of this book, so thank you Pamela Donald for those and the 496 others which I have not listed below! The book itself I picked up this week in the charity shop for a mere £1.75 which going by the first 124 tips that I have read, I shall easily recoup by putting some of them into practice!
Number 1
Mend a garden hose with an off-cut of copper piping.
Cut out the damaged part, immerse the newly cut ends in hot water to stretch them and insert the piping to fil the gap. I can vouch for this working as we had to extend some piping and used a hose to do so, it was our neighbour who told us how to connect the copper pipe to the hose this way.
Number 2
Once your garden hose has too many holes in it to be repaired any more, add a few more holes and turn it into a sprinkler for the veggie patch.
Number 3
Banana skins baked in the oven and dug under the soil around rose beds add potassium rich goodness for vigourous growth.
Number 4
Save dried tea and coffee bags. Open them up and sprinkle them on the lawn or garden for an instant fertiliser.
Number 5
Water your hanging baskets by placing ice cubes on top of the soil. This stops them dripping everywhere!

Our roses have come up beautifully this year, not bad for a pair of 'sticks' which we picked up for a few pounds a couple of years ago! They smell lovely too when you are wrestling with they keys for the front door!

Off to the kitchen for a baking day today, take care all

Sarah x

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  1. Sarah, sorry I was late posting Buddy's but I there now if you would like to link up. I love you rose climber. Mine is new this year and only two feet tall but I am hoping it will cover the whole side wall.



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